Fund Sale


Business introduction

A securities investment fund (the Fund) is a type of collective investment by which many investors’ funds are gathered by issuing fund shares to form independent property, which is entrusted to a fund trustee and managed by the fund manager for securities investment as investment portfolio so that the investors can share profits and jointly bear risks.


-- Our sales personnel will carry out one-to-one risk tolerance evaluation for you with no charge and provide you with comprehensive wealth management services with the asset allocation method;

-- We will evaluate the fund manager and the fund products so as to provide you with the best fund products; and

-- Our fund customers are entitled to take wealth management classes as may be organize by us from time to time for free where you can learn correct fund investment philosophy and methods.

Fund services of the Bank

-- We will survey and evaluate the risk tolerance of the fund investors;

-- We will provide fund sales services including fund account opening, fund subscription/purchase, fund redemption, fund transfer, and automatic investment plan;

-- An investor may call our customer service hotline (400-888-8811), visit our website (, or go to any outlet of the Bank to inquire relevant information; and

-- We will popularize the fund knowledge and organize risk education for you.