Personal Business Loan


China Bohai Bank may provide self-employed persons with operating loans in the spirit of “Integrity, Foresight, Innovation, Openness, and Caring”. With simple procedures and flexible repayment arrangement, it can fully meet your financing requirements.

Owner Operating Loan

You may apply for the loan by providing the guarantee required by the Bank. The loan may be used for production, business operation, fund turnover, acquisition of fixed assets, and other operating purposes specified in relevant laws, regulations, and other provisions of the state.

Featured products

Bole · Interest Saving Account

 One account of deposit and loan

The current repayment account is linked with the loan account as an interest saving account.

Loan repayment reduces day by day

The part of loan balance in the interest saving account after deductions according to certain proportion will be used as interest saving basis for automatic early repayment after deducting the payable current repayment. As the principal decreased day by day, interest will be saved.

Interest quarterly returned

The saved interest will be computed on the interest saving basis each quarter and returned to you on the interest settlement date of each quarter.

Bole · Golden Collar Loan

The loan is an unsecured loan developed for the senior executives of quality enterprises to meet their middle and high-end consumption demands.

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