Values run through the whole course of thinking, doing, and making success of all staffs.


This is the basis of behaviors of all staffs of the Bank. As a financial practitioner, each staff observes professional ethics, honest and right-minded, and treats any colleagues open-mindedly and sincerely.

People Oriented:

This is a management style based on the concept of “For People, Relying on People, Respecting People, and Cultivating People”, which thoughts and behaviors of all staffs are based on. As for each staff, the Bank is a platform responsible for their career development to realize their self-values. The Bank provides outstanding financial services based on customers' differentiated demands.


This is the ideas and minds of all staffs of the Bank. We respect and treat colleagues generously, work in unityhelp one another, and make progress together. We are open-minded and sincere to make win-win cooperation with more partners.


This is the performing direction and model of all staffs of the Bank. Always with the passion we have in the beginning to learn and absorb advanced experience, we make new targets and take new challenges constantly with new approaches to develop new businesses and market by innovating management thoughts & methods and improving procedures.


This is the impetus of all staffs of the Bank. We are willing to do business, skillful in doing business, efficient at making achievements, and always ready to account for the results.