Corporate Culture

 Core Cultural Value

Vision: To establish a modern bank with sound corporate governance, legal and compliant operation, featured business and outstanding performance.

Brand Proposition: Outstanding services and wealth creation together

Values: Integrity, People Oriented, Open-minded, Innovative, and Promising

Common Code of Conduct:

i.   Adhering to prudent operation, devoted to featured development

ii.  Integrity, Fairness, Justice

iii.  Do it, do it well

iv.  Leaders as hands-on pacemaker

v.   Promptly formulate & implement policies and actively respond to tasks and demands

vi.  The superior for the subordinate, the second line for the first line and all for customers

vii.  Follow and constantly improve procedures

viii. Learn actively, follow and respond to market changes efficiently

ix.  Tolerance & respect for colleague, being open & cooperative, proposing valuable advice

x.   Right people in right positions

xi.  Make every penny count

xii. Value the bank's reputation and maintain its brand image

Social Responsibility:

For Customers

For Employees

For Society

For Cooperators

For Shareholders

Provide superior  experience with outstanding services

Deliver care & love and give impetus to growth

Take responsibilities and dedicate love

Achieve  win-win with openness & sincerity

Create values for perpetual returns