Supply Chain Finance


Product Introduction:

Supply chain finance offers a comprehensive financing solution to the partners of the Bank’s core clients based on their trade background, which contributes to the cost saving of the whole supply chain, as well as the improvement of the overall efficiency. The supply chain financing solution supports various domestic and international trade business, is applicable to different settlement methods including Letter of Credit, Collection, Open Account and Commercial Draft, matching with relevant financing products such as packing loan, purchase order financing, draft acceptance and discounting, invoice financing, international/domestic factoring. The Bank offers two different supply chain financing models including supplier financing solution and vendor financing solution.  

Product Focus:

• Offers customized financing solutions based on clients’ different demand.

• Saves the cost of purchase for core client of the supply chain (Anchor), with contribution to Anchor’s sales performance.

• Saves the cost of financing for supplier/vendor of the supply chain.

• Improves the liquidity and the efficiency of the funding utilization across the supply chain.  

• The flexible interest payment model helps the business partners of the supply chain reach consensus.

• The comprehensive financing solution benefits to the close cooperation across the business partners of the supply chain.