International Settlement


Inward Foreign Currency Remittance

China Bohai Bank offers the service of receiving the foreign currency payment sent by an overseas remitter through his bank and crediting to customer’s account with China Bohai Bank.

Outward Foreign Currency Remittance

China Bohai bank offers the service of sending the foreign currency payment to the designated overseas beneficiary through its overseas correspondent bank or intra-bank based on remitter’s instruction. The services of overseas remittance together with related payment inquiry, refunding and declaration of loss are available at the counter of all designated network of China Bohai Bank.  

Export Collection

With post shipment of goods, the exporter delivers all documents to China Bohai Bank for collection of proceeds from the importer’s bank. Export Collection is one of the basic international settlement methods. China Bohai bank offers the services of both Documentary Collection and Clean Collection, and based on the exporter’s instruction, documents can be released by the importer’s bank either against payment or against acceptance.

Export L/C Advising and Payment  

China Bohai Bank offers the services of checking the L/C documents presented by the exporter (the L/C Beneficiary), as well as sending the documents to L/C issuing Bank for payment claim. The Bank also offers the export L/C payment tracer and inquiry services.  

Import Collection

Based on the instruction from overseas correspondent bank or intra-bank, China Bohai Bank receives the export documents and releases them to the importer against his payment (D/P) or acceptance (D/A). 

Cross-border RMB Settlement

Based on the relevant cross-border RMB settlement rules and administrative provisions, China Bohai Bank offers various cross-border RMB products to support customer’s cross-border RMB settlement related business.