Custody Service

As a fee-based business, custody service means that a commercial bank with custody qualification is entrusted by an institutional customer such as a fund management company, securities company, trust company, or insurance company to safely keep the property of the holder of assets under custody in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, ensure the integrity and independence of the property of the holder, handle the title registration, account transfer, fund allocation, settlement, and delivery for the property under custody as instructed by the assets manager, and supervise the investment and operation of the holder’s property by the assets manager.

The Bank is capable of keeping the following types of assets under custody:

Securities investment funds, assets of specific customers of fund management companies, wealth management products of commercial banks; trust schemes, insurance funds, equity investment funds, assets of customers of securities companies and other assets under trusteeship.

Applicable customers:

Fund management companies, insurance companies, securities companies, trust companies, commercial banks, and other customers having the demands for custody of assets.

Service scope:

Safekeeping of the assets under trusteeship;

Fund settlement and delivery of securities under the assets under trusteeship;

Accounting record of assets, liabilities, and investment of the assets under trusteeship;

Assessment of value of securities held by the assets under trusteeship pursuant to relevant requirements;

Supervision over the investment and operation of the assets under trusteeship;

Reporting the investment and operation of the assets under trusteeship and other relevant information to the relevant departments and the entruster;

Objective and just analysis of investment and operation of the assets under trusteeship and reporting of relevant analysis information to the entruster; and Any other businesses relating to the custody of the assets under trusteeship.