Cash Management


Account Service

Customer may open a RMB basic account/general account, foreign-currency capital account/settlement account with the Bank. China Bohai Bank offers the services of local/foreign currency deposit/time deposit, issuance of certificate of deposit and inward/outward foreign currency remittance etc.

Sub-accounts Management

To meet customer’s needs of managing multi-level sub-accounts under a single account number, China Bohai Bank is able to provide detailed booking entries based on the source or utilization of the funding by setting up sub-account under the single account designated by the customer . As result, the Bank offers the services of separate and consolidated billing statement, interest settlement and money transfer. The customer may issue check, promissory note, bank draft, and make money transfer with the funding of sub-accounts by applying the same single account number. The deposit can be made in cash or by check, or through any other bills collection or inward remittance.

Draft Safekeeping Service

To help customer manage the cost and risk of safekeeping drafts till due date, China Bohai Bank offers the services of safekeeping usance Bank Accepted Drafts and usance Commercial Accepted Drafts on behalf of customers, as well as collection upon maturity based on customer’s application.

Entrustment Loan

Based on the instruction from the Principal (including government dept., corporation, institution or individual), China Bohai Bank is on behalf of the Principal to grant loan with the Principal’s funding to the designated borrower for agreed purpose, in agreed amount, over agreed period and at agreed interest rate. The Bank also takes the role of assisting the Principal to monitor the utilization and repayment of the loan.

Sweeping and Pooling Services

China Bohai Bank offers Sweeping and Pooling services to meet group customer’s cash management requirement. Based on the pre-agreed time schedule and amount threshold, by automatically transferring the funding across the accounts of the group customer and subsidiaries, the Bank helps the group customer centralize his account management at group level while calculate the interest at subsidiary account level. The balance of each subsidiary account (Pool Participants) can be automatically transferred to the group account (Pool Header) and further credited to “Cash Pooling” account. Within the intra-day overdraft limit granted to each subsidiary account, the outward payment can be effected successfully even if the balance of a subsidiary account is not sufficient. And the overdraft amount of each subsidiary account will be settled by the group account with the Bank in centralized model. 

Bank-Corporate Direct Link

By interface between corporate customer’s financial system or ERP system and China Bohai Bank’s banking system, the customer will enjoy the services of account information inquiry, money transfer and position allocation from group account etc., on top of them, more customized functions can be set up in customer’s financial system upon his requirement.