Bank Cards


Debit card

Safe, Convenient and Multi-function IC Debit Card of Bohai Bank

The IC debit card issued by China Bohai Bank is an assembly of advanced smart card technologies. Small in size but large in capacity, and safe, reliable and endurable, it enables non-contacting use, fast payment and multi functions and, more importantly, eradicates the possibility of “card clone”. In addition to consumption, withdrawal, deposit and pre-authorization functions offered by conventional magnetic stripe cards, an IC debit card issued by China Bohai Bank also supports near-field payment (popularly known as “QuickPass”).

Convenient E-cash

The IC debit card issued by China Bohai Bank is a compound of magnetic stripe and chip that allows wider application in ATMs marked with “China UnionPay” both at home and abroad. In addition to the data on your debit account shared with the magnetic strip, the chip contains data on your e-cash account. A card holder may recharge the e–cash account via counters and ATMs of the Bank as well as ATMs of other banks. Card holders can enjoy the swift password-free payment via the 10 million “QuickPass” terminals of China UnionPay network available across the country.

Tips on E-cash

An e-cash account is not registered and free of password. It does not accept loss reporting or offer interest. The ceiling is set at RMB1000.

An e-cash account is rechargeable and access to “QuickPass”, but does not support cash withdrawal, fund transfer and other settlement functions.

The IC debit card issued by China Bohai Bank allows e-cash recharge via counters and ATMs of the Bank as well as ATMs of other banks.

E-cash currently applies to small convenient shops, cinemas, buses and subways that feature fast small-amount transactions. Considering the imbalanced application in various regions, please find the “QuickPass” label on the terminals or ask the cashier for help.

Risks Arising from Degraded Use of Financial IC Card

Degraded use of a financial IC card means that when a magnetic stripe and chip compound bank card is used on a terminal where chip transaction is available, the magnetic stripe interface is used despite lower safety. If so, the financial IC card is degraded to an ordinary magnetic stripe card which is more vulnerable to card recording, clone and copy. Please keep the card within your eyesight and access, and check whether the terminal to be used is altered (e.g. installed with magnetic data recorder), so as to ensure safety of the card. 

Degraded Use of Financial IC Card Rejected

Following the overall arrangement of PBOC, the Bank has rejected degraded use of financial IC card in Chinasince July 31, 2014. Financial IC cards issued by the Bank will only support chip-based transaction inChina. Please remind the cashier to plug in instead of swiping your card to complete your payment in case of card-swiping failure.  


Dazzling Youth Card of China Bohai Bank

China Bohai Bank introduced its Dazzling Youth Card in 2012 aiming at young students. In addition to the fee-free policy for regular debit cards issued by the Bank, holders of Dazzling Youth Card are also exempted from fees for the first intercity inter-bank withdrawal every month. 


Individual/overseas clients who are 16 years old or older are qualified to apply for CBB debit cards, as well as supplementary cards for immediate relatives via valid identity certificates.

Clients who have opened personal current settlement accounts with CBB may directly apply for CBB debit cards.

You're required to fill in an application form for opening a CBB personal account before applying for the CBB debit card.

You will receive a debit card immediately after submitting your application.

Basic Features

Holders of CBB debit cards are entitled to services ranging from card activation, loss reporting, to password modification, inquiry, fund deposit/withdrawal/transfer, and payment of mobile phone bills via bank counters, ATM, POS, online banking and telephone banking.

You may also have access to services such as inquiry, fund withdrawal and inter-bank transfer on the ATMs connected to China UnionPay.

You may carry out balance inquiries, consumption and return of goods via the POS machine connected to China UnionPay.

You may also withdraw or transfer funds, or check account balance in your China UnionPay cards opened with other banks on CBB's ATMs.

Preferential policies

• Free intracity inter-bank ATM withdrawal

• Free intercity inter-bank ATM withdrawal once a month

• Free fund transfer between accounts opened with CBB.

• Free SMS balance alert

• Free opening of personal online banking

• Free opening of mobile banking

• Debit card annual fee exemption


Tips For Using Card

--Upon receiving Bohai Bank card, please immediately check your name in Chinese pinyin on the card.

• Please sign your name on the signature slip immediately.

• Make sure to set up a 6-digit password, preferably not the combination of numbers that are easily seen through by others, such as your birthday, telephone number and so on.

-- Do not worry if you have lost your Bohai Bank card, and please immediately call our customer service center to make loss-reporting.

• If your Bohai Bank card is lost or stolen, please immediately dial our customer service hotline 400-888-8811, and full-time customer representatives provide you with 7*24 service of emergent loss reporting. The loss reporting through telephone is valid for 5 days; you still need to go to an outlet of China Bohai Bank for written loss reporting, which will be valid forever.

• If you need the bank to issue a new card, you can go to an outlet of China Bohai Bank with your ID card and the application for loss reporting.

-- Take good care of the password of your Bohai Bank card

• During the process of using POS and ATM, you had better use your hand to cover the screen when you input the password to prevent it from being known by others.

• During the process of consumption through POS, make sure to check consumption amount before signing your name for confirmation. 

• Do not discard your cash withdrawal and transfer vouchers.

• Keep in mind not to tell the card password to anyone or organization.

• Pleased be noted that you can directly swipe with your bank card to enter a self-service bank, and do not input the password at this moment.

--The maximum amount of a single withdrawal by Bohai Bank card through ATM is RMB 3000 per card, and maximum daily withdrawal amount is RMB 20, 000 per card. The maximum amount of a single interbank transfer is RMB 50, 000 per card, and the maximum daily amount is RMB 50,000 per card.

--China Bohai Bank 7x24 customer service hotline: 400-888-8811; the website of China Bohai Bank:

Tips For Overseas Use of Debit Card Of China Bohai Bank

More Convenient RMB Settlement

The amount of local currency incurred in consumption, withdrawal and tax rebate through overseas use of debit card of China Bohai Bank will be directly converted into RMB amount according to market exchange rate.

Lower and More Preferential Handling Fee

By using the debit card of China Bohai Bank overseas for consumption, withdrawal and tax rebate, you do not need to pay the charge for currency conversion, and the handling fee is relatively low for cash withdrawal.

More Suitable For Large-amount Consumption

The consumption through overseas use of debit card of China Bohai Bank is not limited by credit line as long as the balance in the account is sufficient for large-amount consumption.

Considerable Service In Chinese

When using debit card of China Bohai Bank overseas, you can enjoy UnionPay overseas customer service calls in Chinese, and Chinese interface is available on some overseas ATMs accepting UnionPay card.

Preferential VIP Service

If you use debit card of China Bohai Bank overseas for consumption, you can enjoy VIP services and exclusive preferential services for contracted UnionPay customers in various places.

Overseas Customer Service Hotlines

If you have any problem in using debit card of China Bohai Bank overseas, you can dial domestic hotline 400-888-8811 of China Bohai Bank , or you may dial UnionPay overseas service hotline:

 Country or region  Service telephone  Country or region Service telephone 
 Hong Kong  800-967-222  Macao  0800-801
 South Korea  0079-814-800-7159  Malaysia  1-800-813410
 Japan  0034-800-800-287[1]  Australia  1-800-649612
 France  0800-905942  New Zealand  0800-450831
 Singapore  800-860-0028  Switzerland  0800-561481
 Thailand  0018-001-2066-5999  Italy  800-873045
 Germany  0800-0007-224  Canada  1-877-470-6287
 U.S.  866-567-5516  Taiwan  00801-863-287



ATM-based Overseas Withdrawal and Inquiry

Scope of Use

Overseas ATMs that accept UnionPay cards are mainly distributed in the following countries and regions:

Asia: Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Indonesia, Bahrain, Brunei,

Maldives,India,Pakistan,Sri Lanka, Bengal, theUnited Arab Emirates,Afghanistan,Jordan,Lebanon,Syria,Yemen, andIraq.

Europe: France, Germany, U.K., Italy, Spain, Portugal, Luxemburg, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Russia, Monaco, San Marino, Greece, Hungary, Poland, the British Bailiwick of Guernsey, Jersey Island, Isle of Man, and British Gibraltar.

Oceania:Australia,New Zealand, Guam, andSaipan.

America: U.S,Canada,Mexico,Brazil,Venezuela,Argentina,Colombia,Uruguay, andMartinique.

Africa: South Africa, Egypt, Djibouti, République démocratique du Congo, Kenya,Uganda,Botswana,Zambia,Mauritius,Gambia,Ghana,Sudan,Mali,Benin,Senegal,Niger,Togo,Cote d’Ivoire, and so on.

Limit on ATM-based Withdrawal and Relevant Charges

According to the regulations of the competent departments of the State, the accumulated withdrawal amount through UnionPay debit card each day shall not exceed foreign currency equivalent to RMB 10,000. If the limit is exceeded, the withdrawal is very likely to be rejected.  For handling charges for overseas withdrawal or inquiry, please call the 24-hour domestic customer service hotline of China Bohai Bank and UnionPay overseas service hotline.

More Updated Information On Using the Card Overseas

The overseas network information on UnionPay provided on this page is up to the beginning of 2011. As UnionPay network develops rapidly, if you want to know more updated information on using the card overseas, log on UnionPay website: www. chinaunionpay. com or dial UnionPay domestic service hotline: 95516 .



Electronic Banking Security Guidelines

Telecommunication frauds are still on the rise this year. The cases that have caused the most serious consequences involve the criminals making phone calls to the victims claiming that their bank cards or citizen cards involve suspected crimes and asking them to transfer the funds to a designated account to assist investigation. The number of cases that involve fund transfer through online banking, mobile banking and telephone banking is increasing by a large margin. Therefore, we'd like to remind our customers that the so-called "Please transfer the funds to a secure account or an investigation account" is nothing but fraud.

Personal Online Banking Security

Bohai Bank has attached great importance to online banking security and reliability since we introduced online banking service and we have adopted world-leading network security equipment and security strategies to ensure the security of our online banking system. However, you are also encouraged to enhance your security awareness and keep a good habit to prevent the criminals from defrauding. The following recommendations will be helpful to protect your accounts and online transactions:

I. Please keep your mobile phone secure

Please do not lend the mobile phone you use to receive dynamic password to others; do not visit unidentified websites or receive unidentified multimedia messages or other mobile phone files to avoid virus; and please delete the short messages in a timely manner to prevent potential security risks.

II. SMS alert

Bohai Bank provides SMS alert service to keep you updated on account changes.   

III. Stay alert to fraud 

1) Guard against fraudulent websites 

The criminals may set up fraudulent websites and send emails to lure you to visit the fraudulent web pages and enter your card number and password. It is in this way that the criminals steal your card number and password. Therefore, please directly enter the web address to visit the Bank's website ( and please refrain from clicking hyperlinks to visit the Bank's website indirectly. You are advised to add the Bank's website to the "Favorite" folder in your browser.

2) Check the SMS number and SMS information 

The Bank's short messages contain authentication code. Please make sure to check whether the authentication code of the web pages is consistent with the authentication code in the short messages after receiving dynamic password, to guard against phishing websites. In fund transfer and payment transactions, dynamic password users are invited to check whether the receiving account number and transaction amount in the short message are consistent with the actual transactions. 

IV. Protect the security of your computer 

1) Install the latest operating system and browser security programs or patches.

2) You are advised to set the hosts file to read-only.

3) Install personal firewall to protect your computer from hackers. 

4) Do not use the computer that has access to online banking as the server of shared documents and files.

5) Do not open unidentified emails. 

6) Do not click the unidentified pictures sent by MSN and other instant messaging tools.

V. Keep a good habit 

1) Click "Exit" to exit online banking every time you finish with online banking transactions.

2) Do not disclose your account number, customer ID, password, certificate number and other ID information to any other person.

3) Protect your password when conducting transactions through other channels (e.g. ATMs and self-service terminals) to prevent your card number and password from being stolen through picture recording.

4) Do not use the numbers of your or your family members' birthday, telephone number or ID certificate as PIN.

5) Do not store card number, PIN and certificate number in your computer or email box. 

6) The password used in Bohai Bank should not be the same as the password used in other websites. 

7) Please call our customer service hotline "4008888811" if you have any doubt or question.

Bank Card Security

It is very important to protect your bank card. If your bank card is lost or stolen, you will face the risk of your card being used for cash withdrawal or spending.  Please pay attention to the following tips when applying for and using the bank card:

I. Application

Please have a good understanding of the application contract and the charter of bank card, fill out the application form in a truthful manner and provide authentic personal information, and handle application procedures through official channels, to prevent leakage of your personal information that may cause your bank card to be claimed by others.

II. Acceptance

If you find any trace of the envelope being opened or sealed again when receiving the bank card and the PIN envelope, please contact the issuing bank immediately to prevent leakage of card information.

III. Storage

1) Please keep your bank card the way your keep your cash, do not leave your card unattended or lend it to others.

2) Please keep your bank card and ID certificate separately.

3) Please contact the issuing bank immediately if your bank card is lost, stolen or used fraudulently.

IV. Protection

1) Take good care of your purchase slips and bank card statements or dispose of and destroy these receipts in a timely manner.

2) Do not disclose your card number or reply to the suspicious emails and short messages that ask for your card number or leave your card number in the computers used in public places.

3) Do not write or keep your PIN number anywhere that can be seen or accessed by others. Do not keep your PIN number in your mobile phone or write it on the back of your bank card.

4) Do not keep your PIN number and bank card together.

5) Make sure you are the only person that knows the PIN number. Watch against criminals acting as bank and public security organ staff to defraud you of your password.

V. Use

1) Keep your card in sight when using your card on POS.

2) Check whether the card slot has been modified when using ATM; do not leave the ATM if your card is retained; instead, call the service hotline displayed on ATM screen or directly call the Bank's customer service hotline for help.

3) Use the other hand or your body as shield when entering your password on ATM or POS.

4) Do not receive "kindly" help or answer questions when operating on ATM; block the card slot if your attention is diverted, to prevent the criminals from replacing your card.

5) Stay alert to SMS fraud. Check suspicious short messages. Please directly call the customer service hotline of the issuing bank if you have any question, and do not call the contact phone number in the short message.

6) Do not believe the announcements that ask you to transfer money to a designated account and report to the Bank if you find any such announcements.

Online Shopping Security

Online shopping is a secure and convenient way of shopping. Most online merchants conduct honest and legitimate transactions with the customers in compliance with the laws and regulations. Many shopping websites are encrypted, leaving hackers very little chance to steal the cardholders' information through online transactions; however, you can not be too careful when shopping on the internet, to eliminate any chance for criminals. Please pay attention to the following tips when shopping on the internet:

I. Make purchases on the trusted websites. If it is a first time transaction, please confirm the merchant's fixed telephone number (not mobile phone number) and correspondence address (not only email address) to check the authenticity and reliability of the merchant.

II. When making payment on the payment page, check whether the prefix of the web page is "https://" and whether a lock symbol appears on the status bar in the bottom right corner of the IE browser, which means that your transaction is being protected by encryption measures; if the lock symbol appears on the web page, the website is likely to be a fraudulent one; you should stop the transaction immediately and contact the issuing bank to protect your card information.

III. You are advised to check the privacy protection clauses of online merchants to understand your information that has been collected by the merchants and how the information is used. Do not disclose your account information and password.

IV. As shopping pages may change from time to time, you are advised to print the orders and the matters related to consumption guarantee on the web pages, including delivery time, customer service and refund measures, so that you can immediately report to industrial and commercial administrations or consumer protection association in case of fraud.

V. Choose merchants with prudence and do not disclose your bank card number, valid period and password to fabricated sellers. Do not log on the payment platforms induced by the seller to guard against fraudulent payment websites.

Mobile Banking Security

Mobile banking is an emerging e-banking service that comes with the advance of mobile telecommunication in recent years. Mobile banking is well received by customers as it can provide convenient, easy and quick financial services anytime and anywhere. However, when you enjoy convenient mobile banking service without proper security protection, you are running the risk of exposing the weak links of mobile banking service to the mobile network or the internet so that the criminals may have a chance of hacking into your phone. The following recommendations will be helpful to protect your accounts and online transactions.

I. Keep your mobile phone and password secure

Please keep your user name (identical with your personal online banking user name) and your login password secure because they are the basis and security guarantee for you to log on mobile banking and conduct financial transactions. You are advised to set your login password and transaction password differently.

II. Set up a reasonable transfer and payment limit

You may set up a reasonable daily transfer and payment limit in mobile banking or personal online banking; the single transaction of quick mobile banking shall not exceed RMB1,000 and the cumulative daily amount shall not exceed RMB2,000; the single transaction and the cumulative daily amount of standard mobile banking shall not exceed RMB100,000. If you do not make outward transfer or payment for a long period of time, you are advised to set "daily transfer and payment limit" to a smaller amount to ensure the security of your funds.

III. SMS alert

Please activate SMS alert service for your bank card to keep you updated on account changes and reinforce the security of your mobile banking in outward transfer or payment.

IV. Stay alert to fraud

The closed platform of mobile network has greatly reduced the risks of phishing fraud through mobile phones, but they are not eliminated. The criminals may set up fraudulent WAP websites and send short messages (including multimedia messages) to lure you to visit the fraudulent WAP web pages and enter your card number and password. Therefore, please check whether the WAP address you are about to visit is the legitimate mobile banking address announced by the Bank. Bohai Bank will ask you to enter your frequently used mobile phone number when you sign up for mobile banking service and send the exclusive official website though short message to your designated mobile phone number. Please keep the short message.

The only legitimate service address of the Bank's mobile banking is:

You are advised to directly enter the aforementioned WAP address when visiting the Bank's mobile banking and do not click the WAP addresses that look like the Bank's mobile banking address. You are advised to bookmark the WAP address of the Bank's mobile banking in your mobile phone browser for convenient use.